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Our pioneering approach is no different when it comes to driving sustainability and the transition to lower carbon

Sustainability and the transition to low carbon

Our technology helps customers meet their needs in a more sustainable way.  Whether that’s improving our products and services to drive down emissions, improving the efficiency and reliability of electric and hybrid vehicles, keeping wind turbines turning or reducing the amount of water used in metalworking.


Around 80-90% of carbon dioxide emissions from oil and gas products are from their use by consumers in transportation, industries and buildings. So one of the biggest contributions we can make to advance the energy transition is to provide products and services that help businesses and consumers lower their carbon footprint and use of resources.


The experience and expertise we have acquired over decades inform our actions, our future plans and our belief that, to meet global climate goals improving energy efficiency is vital.  We are driven to help our customers to minimise waste – wasted energy through friction, down time or even water.


No one company or sector alone can deliver a low carbon future. Everyone from consumers to corporations to governments needs to take responsibility. If we respond collectively, even a challenge as complex as climate change can be met.  Castrol is dedicated to being part of the solution. We feel a real sense of urgency to deliver improvements quickly and we see Carbon Neutral as part of that. We’ve launched a series of certified carbon neutral products and services and we offer our customers the opportunity to offset their own carbon emissions.