Castrol EDGE x Shah Rukh Khan - Stay Ahead

The Castrol EDGE launch campaign features our brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan - as he playfully evades paparazzi, with Castrol EDGE helping him "Stay Ahead".

Official statement

We have been made aware of a website fraudulently impersonating Castrol India being used on an app. We request you to stay vigilant and though this app may use our logos, images, & news to trick people Castrol India does not endorse or communicate via apps. We operate only through Castrol India does not require people to register for financial gain. Any such claims are false and misleading. Please report any suspicious activity you come across to


Castrol offers a compelling investment opportunity. As a market leader in lubricants, we deliver consistent growth and strong returns. We're driving value through innovation, expanding into high-margin segments, and capitalizing on India's growing automotive sector.

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