Hydraulic Fluid

Hydraulic Fluids
Castrol understands the importance of choosing the right hydraulic fluid for your fleet. That is why we offer a wide range designed to protect and improve the efficiency of various hydraulic systems.

Castrol’s Liquid Engineers have developed a range of hydraulic fluids to meet performance standards required by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). These include products that meet recent changes in hydraulic fluid formulation driven by industry trends and OEMs:

  • Improved oxidation stability to accommodate higher operating temperatures
  • Improved air release, foam control and water separation to handle smaller reservoirs and reduced cycle times
  • Improved dry/wet filterability due to reduced filter pore size and tolerance to water contamination
  • Better hydrolytic stability to handle water contamination
  • Extended pump life to meet Denison T6H20C pump performance
  • Increased drain intervals requiring the lubricants to retain original performance longer


Our ranges include engine oils that meet – and exceed – OEM specifications for Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Mack and Volvo.

Castrol Anvol SWX™


Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids formulated to work in high-pressure hydraulic systems up to 7500 psi, the Castrol Anvol SWX line provides gear, vane and piston pumps with protection against wear equivalent to that of mineral oils.

Castrol Blue Hydraulic Plus


Castrol Blue Hydraulic Plus meets several severe industry requirements including the new “hybrid” test from Denison (T6H20C), which incorporates both vane and piston pumps under wet and dry conditions over 600 hours.

Castrol Dual Range HV


This line includes exceptional multi-viscosity hydraulic fluids that provide proven anti-wear protection coupled with very shear-stable polymers and anti-foam additives for a balanced package.

Castrol Paradene™ AW


This premium industrial anti-wear hydraulic oil line is suitable for hydraulically activated equipment that utilizes high-performance pumps. Very effective anti-wear additives allow them to meet or exceed industry OEM vane, gear, and piston pump specifications.

Castrol Performance Bio HE


Formulated from vegetable oils to be more environmentally acceptable than traditional mineral-based hydraulic fluids. Since hydraulic systems are prone to leakage due to high pressures, Castrol Performance Bio HE is an excellent hydraulic fluid in applications where leakage could cause water or soil contamination.