Syntrans Heavy Duty 75w-90

Fully synthetic manual transmission fluid with excellent performance for up to 400,000 km oil drains
intervals in manual transmission applications. It is our prime recommendation for Volvo, Spicer, Eaton,
Road Ranger and Rockwell truck transmissions, in both normal and severe duty conditions.
It is suitable for both synchronised and non-synchronised manual transmissions. It is particularly
recommended for long haul interstate trucks, B-double, road train and other severe duty applications.
However it may also be used in manual transmissions of cars and light commercial vehicles where
API GL-4 oils are recommended.

Features & Benefits

  • Extended drain performance to lower maintenance costs and increase vehicle availability
  • Excellent oxidation stability ensures suitability in high temperature and extended drain applications
  • Proven synchroniser performance making gear shifting easier, and transmission operation quieter
  • Easier cold start gear shifting in synchronised transmissions
  • Excellent wear protection reduces wear and prolongs gear life


  • API GL-4
  • Volvo Approved against Volvo 97315 for high load, high ambient conditions