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Meeting the challenge of new truck engine technologies

Modern truck engines use new technologies to produce up to 30% more torque.

But that can also lead to higher engine temperatures and pressures.

These can lead to a build-up in deposits, acceleration of oxidation, oil thickening and rapid depletion of the oil’s acid controlling reserves.

All of which brings the oil closer to breakdown and reduces its effective life.

Castrol VECTON with System Pro Technology™ has been formulated to meet the challenges created by new technologies, delivering a 45% extra performance reserve compared to industry standards, providing longer useful oil life and maximising drain intervals.

Castrol VECTON. Maximise drain intervals. Maximise profit.

The world’s toughest track

New Castrol VECTON with System Pro Technology™ has been proven in the planet’s harshest environment.

16 test trucks, each moving loads in excess of 130 tonnes (that’s nearly two Space Shuttles in weight), pounded the world’s toughest tracks for 8 million kilometres - the equivalent of 199 times around the earth - in one year.

Every drop of oil was analysed to ensure that Castrol VECTON delivered on its promises.

The Castrol VECTON range performed, on average, 45% better than API and ACEA test limits, demonstrating that Castrol VECTON with System Pro technology™ delivers an extra performance reserve to give you confidence in your maximum drain interval. No matter how heavy the loads, and how severe the conditions.

Maximise drain intervals, maximise profit.

The more time your trucks spend on the road, the more income they generate. Despite the killer temperatures, extreme pressures, marathon distances and massive loads our test trucks faced, Castrol VECTON came through.

We proved that System Pro technology™ is the key to keeping your trucks on the road longer, maximising drain intervals to up to 80,000 kilometres.

Castrol VECTON. Maximise drain intervals. Maximise profit.


Take a few minutes to enter your fuel consumption to discover your Performance Rating and how Castrol VECTON with System Pro Technology™ can maximise your drain intervals.

Trialed & tested

The results from Castrol's Australian field trials across an 18 month period show Castrol VECTON Long Drain CK-4 retains an extra performance reserve across a variety of fleets out to 80,000km drain intervals.