Helping AHG Refrigerated Logistics Stay Cool on the Toughest Tracks

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Our fleet travels over some of the toughest tracks in the country, so when Castrol asked us to test a new diesel engine oil, we had no hesitation in taking part. We were able to achieve 80,000km oil drains compared to 60,000kms with our previous oil. As a result, we’ve gone up on oil drains, while service costs, down time and cost per kilometre are down.
Glen Stephan, National Fleet Manager, AHG Refrigerated Logistics
As part of the team that tested Castrol VECTON LONG DRAIN, I was amazed at the results. We used to get 60,000km drain intervals, but now it’s out to 80,000kms. During the test, the oil was sampled every 5,000kms – and the results were fantastic. In fact, while 80,000kms is our new benchmark, we know that the oil will stand up for far longer. It means truck down time and cost per kilometre are both reduced.
Greg Schubert, test driver on behalf of Scott’s Refrigerated Logistics