Introducing System Pro Technology™

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System Pro Technology™

Castrol VECTON with System Pro Technology™ has an extra performance reserve that fights against oil breakdown and adapts to higher temperatures and pressures.

System Pro Technology™ helps prevent oil breakdown by controlling oxidation, reducing deposits, neutralising harmful acids, maintaining viscosity, and fighting oil aeration.

Castrol VECTON helps control oxidation

Increased temperatures lead to accelerated oxidation and polymerisation reactions in the engine oil. This leads to accelerated oil thickening, reducing the flow of oil to vital engine areas.

Castrol VECTON reduces carbon deposit build up

Increased temperatures and pressures can lead to increased build-up of deposits on the piston land and groove areas. This can result in reduced sealing of the combustion chamber, reducing efficiency and increasing blow-by.

Castrol VECTON neutralises harmful acids

Higher temperatures and pressure can also increase blow-by of combustion gases and acids. This accelerates the depletion of acid neutralising components in the oil, leaving the surfaces of the engine unprotected from corrosive wear.

Castrol VECTON fights oil aeration

Increased pressures can promote oil aeration, reducing the oil’s ability to sufficiently lubricate vital engine parts.

Castrol VECTON. Maximise drain intervals. Maximise profit.

The Castrol VECTON range* performed, on average, 45% better than API and ACEA test limits, demonstrating that Castrol VECTON with SYSTEM PRO TECHNOLOGYTM delivers an extra performance reserve to give you the confidence in your maximum drain interval.

* Based on tests conducted on 81% of the whole Castrol VECTON range by volume based on 12 month sales.