Hyspin HDH 7000

Castrol Hyspin® HDH 7000 is a very high performance mineral oil based hydraulic fluid with exceptional air release properties and shear stability which provide peak hydraulic performance for extended periods.
The extremely stable viscosity properties of Hyspin® HDH 7000 provides a double benefit of optimum cold start, and run hydraulic control, with correct hydraulic efficiency at normal and high operating temperatures.


  • Extremely stable viscosity. Improved cold start-ups – peak hydraulic performance immediately available and maintained
  • Superior air release properties. Maintains hydraulic performance – maximum efficiency, minimal wear
  • Advanced anti-wear additives. Protection of pump and hydraulic components – reduced maintenance, less downtime
  • Good anti-rust properties. Reduced wear caused by rust particles – improved reliability of hydraulic components
  • High aniline point. Ensures controlled effect on synthetic rubbers – extended life of seals