Carelube HES Range

Highly biodegradable ester based hydraulic oil. 

Recommended for use in situations where leakage or spillage may present a risk of harm to the environment, including near or on waterways, and in the agriculture, forestry, mining and construction industries.

The range may also be used for machine tool hydraulic systems where ester based soluble cutting fluids are being utilised and minimisation of impact of contamination is required.


  • Inherently biodegradable so ideally suited for minimising the impact to the environment should leakage occur (note: local legislation/regulations regarding the clean-up of oil leakage/spills should always be followed).
  • Environmentally friendly with low aquatic toxicity – rated WGK 1.
  • Very high viscosity index gives reliable operation and consistent response across wide temperature ranges. Maximum component protection at cold start-up and at elevated temperatures.


  • HES 32 ISO Viscosity Grade 32
  • HES 46 ISO Viscosity Grade 46