Alpha SP Series

High quality, mineral oil based extreme pressure gear oils.
Recommended for the lubrication of industrial gear boxes using forced circulate or splash and oil batch lubrication.


  • Sulphur-phosphorous EP additives provide good load carrying ability, reducing gear tooth wear
  • Withstands elevated temperatures for extending service life
  • Corrosion inhibitors provide ongoing protection of gear teeth
  • Excellent demulsification properties help to maintain full lubricating film with no loss of performance
  • Anti-foam additives maintain full lubricating film


  • DIN classification- CLP
  • US Steel 224
  • David Brown Type E
  • Hansen Transmission Flender
  • Suitable for Müller Weingarten equipment
  • AGMA 9004-D94
  • Viscosity range: 68, 100, 150, 220, 320, 460, 680, 1000 and 1500.
  • DIN 51517 Part 3