Aircol MR Series

Range of long life mineral based air compressor oils formulated to provide a service life of up to 4000 hours in modern rotary screw compressors.
Suitable for use in all single stage oil flooded rotary screw compressors, both stationary and portable types.


  • Excellent thermal stability slows oil service life up to 4000 hours under normal operating conditions
  • Reclassifying agents minimise oil carry over to the air stream
  • Excellent dispersant properties reducing maintenance costs and downtime
  • Good demulsibility properties allow for greater water separation from oil for maintenance of full lubrication properties


  • Viscosity: 46 and 68 grades available
  • ISO 6743-3 compressor oils
  • DAG and DAH for rotary air compressors
  • MR 68 meets Atlas Copco for 4000 hour oil life