Effective oil and liquid absorbent based on a granular inert diatomaceous earth sourced in Australia.
Industry uses include absorption requirement in garages, workshops, tanneries, packaging, oil/paint stores, lift wells, mastic floors. Can also be used in pattern making and floor ash trays.
Domestic uses include pet trays, oil drip trays, organic gardens, snail deterrent, potting, laundry,
garbage bin, cellars and aquariums.

Features & Benefits

  • Safe, hygienic, handy and has many applications
  • Health and safety acceptable as non-flammable in itself
  • Easy to transport as solid but light in weight
  • Starts absorbing immediately for effective spill clean-up
  • Excellent absorbency and will draw up approx. its own weight in oil


  • Colour: whitish brown inert neutral and odourless granular product
  • 30L bag will cover approx. 14sqm to a depth of 3mm
  • Replace when saturation is reached – black colour where soaking up oil. Dark brown when acids, water and other liquids are spilt