Greases are preferable in cases where oils cannot be used because grease stays in place, forming a 'protective shield'. There are many different technologies available for use under different circumstances. Often heavy duty engines (off road vehicles) can be subject to a challenging environment such as a heavy load, dirt and water where critical parts can only be protected by a grease layer.
Castrol’s choice of greases range from multipurpose to the special greases with Castrol technology providing outstanding protection and longer component life under demanding conditions and keeping your vehicle in operation longer.

Castrol Spheerol LMM

A special high temperature heavy duty grease combining molybdenum disulphide with extreme pressure additives....

Castrol Premium Heavy Duty

A high temperature multipurpose lithium complex grease designed for plain and roller bearing applications....


CP Grease is a Lithium grease specifically formulated for spindle lubrication of cotton pickers over a wide range of operating temperatures.

Agri Grease Ultra

CASTROL AGRI GREASE ULTRA is high performance grease developed for use in a wide range of farm and associated machinery applications including cars, trucks 4WDs and pumps.     Proven performance in severe duty applications, protecting ball and roller bearings especially on-land / on-road, high load applications

SBX Range

A lithium complex grease containing molybdeum disulphide and graphite solids. It has a unique blend of extreme pressure additive, solid lubricants and an effective corrossion inhibitor in a heavy viscocity synthetically modified bas oil.


Castrol Mine Grease is an extreme pressure lithium grease formulated with specially selected base oil combinations that provide optimal pumpability. 
Castrol Mine Grease also contains 3% molybdenum disulphide, which provides additional wear protection under conditions of vibratory motion.


High operating temperature grease containing a range of solid lubricants which provide excellent anti-seize properties. Apply to drill rod threads to prevent seizing.


A high performance grease developed for use in a wide range of mining and industrial applications.
It combines excellent extreme pressure and adhesion properties with high temperature stablility to
outperform conventional unfortified greases. It has a very high drop point and is suitable for
a wide range of operating temperatures.


A calcium soap based grease. Used for auto body hardware, including door catches, boot and bonnet
control mechanisms.


Non-melting bentone clay based grease suitable for very high temperature applications up to 200°C.
Ideal for front wheel bearings in cars with disc brakes operating at very high temperatures.


Multipurpose lithium complex grease which has special properties in wet environments.
Primarily suited for earthmoving bucket pins, ball, roller and plain bearings under high load.

Spheerol EPL Range

Multipurpose extreme pressure greases displaying both high melting point and water resistant characteristics.


Universal type medium consistency grease containing oxidation and corrosion inhibitors.