Castrol H - S - A 460

High quality, extreme performance mineral gear oil for heavy duty gearbox and rear axle operations where slow operational speeds and high loads necessitate the use of an API GL-5 gear lubricant with a higher viscosity than traditional 85W-140. Suited to vehicles in various off-highway applications such as mining and quarry haulage. Suited where API GL-5 SAE 140 gear oils are recommended in low speed operations.

Features & Benefits

  • Product application solution where conventional API GL-5 automotive gear oil lubricants are not providing satisfactory performance
  • Higher viscosity suits high load, low speed operations found widely in mining applications
  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability for longer component and oil life
  • Extreme pressure additives allow for high load carrying ability, effective under arduous conditions
  • Clean Gear technology


  • ISO 460
  • SAE 85W-140
  • 4 Ball Weld Load kg 400
  • Closed Flash Point >200°C