Castrol A747 is a high performance castor/synthetic two-stroke lubricant. It is designed primarily for use in water-cooled, motorcycle engines of very high specific power output, as well as high performance racing Go-Kart engines.

The product utilises a carefully balanced castor/synthetic base oil mix which has demonstrated excellent load bearing characteristics and resistance to piston scuffing.

Castrol A747 is a race proven lubricant that demonstrates outstanding engine wear protection and cleanliness in competition applications.


Use Castrol A747 only for very high performance racing two-stroke motorcycle engines. If used in lower performance, lower revving engines, excessive deposit formation may result.


Castrol A747 provides superior performance in many areas compared to most mineral based two stroke oils, namely:

  • Excellent crankshaft lubrication
  • Very low rate of piston ring wear
  • Excellent piston lubrication
  • Throttle slide lubrication during wet racing

Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet 

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