As bike design and technology evolve, reducing weight and increasing engine specific output and/or power, the stress imposed on the lubricant increases accordingly. High power output, lower oil sump volumes and increasing drain intervals mean that the oil has to work harder than ever before. It has to resist thermal degradation, keep hot running pistons free from harmful deposits and protect the compact gearbox and clutch for many thousands of kilometres.

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Riding fast puts the bike under immense stress, leading to frictional losses and impacting acceleration. The Race Derived Technology in Castrol POWER1 Racing, developed through a long and successful association with motorsport teams - including Castrol LCR Honda - has been proven to dramatically reduce friction.
Castrol POWER1 Racing motorcycle engine oil flows fast and stays strong, reducing internal engine friction even under the most arduous riding conditions.

Castrol POWER1 Racing delivers ultimate performance and racing acceleration.