Bike Care

The world leader in total motorcycle care. The Castrol Motorcycle range is a series of premium lubricants and protective products for motorcycles and scooters. In conjunction with Castrol 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine oils, this comprehensive range offers total care and protection by covering all bike care needs.

Fork Oil 5W, 10W and 15W

Castrol Fork Oils are highly stable suspension oils, recommended for use in motorcycle forks and shocks for road, off road and competition use. They are blended from highly refined base stocks and contain selected additives to provide protection against wear, corrosion and to minimise the effect of foam or air entrainment in the fork.

Foam Air Filter Oil

Castrol Foam Air Filter Oil has been specially formulated for application to “wet type” foam air filters to four and two stroke engines. Through a carefully designed balance of selected base oils and additives, the product provides excellent performance in preventing airborne dirt and abrasive particles from passing through the air intake
system into the combustion chamber.


Formulated to effectively lubricate all motorcycle chains and sprockets. Non-chlorinated solvents are used to ensure prolonged ring life. It is designed to effectively lubricate without attracting dirt and dust and discolouring motorcycle wheels and adjacent fairings.


High performance transmission oil designed for two stroke motorcycle transmissions, in road, off-road and racing applications.