Some parts in your car require grease as a lubrication agent, such as bearings, joints and hinges. An effective grease avoids sticking and squeaking thus preventing components wearing out prematurely, whilst shielding against moisture and corrosion.
Castrol’s variety of greases range from multipurpose to the special greases which work under demanding conditions and still provide outstanding performance.

Castrol Red Rubber Grease

A rubber compatible grease formulated to be compatible with natural rubber components in a range of cars, light commercial vehicles and any other vehi...

Castrol Spheerol EPL RANGE

Multipurpose extreme pressure greases displaying both high melting point and water resistant characteristics. Suitable for plain roller and ball bearings and chassis lubrication.  General automotive, industrial and marine applications.

These greases have been formulated with additives that provide good film strength under medium to high loads.

Castrol Spheerol HTB 2

A non-melting bentone clay based grease suitable for very high temperature applications up to 200°C...

Castrol Premium Heavy Duty

A high temperature multipurpose lithium complex grease designed for plain and roller bearing applications....

Castrol PH

A calcium soap based grease. Used for auto body hardware, including door catches, boot and bonnet control mechanisms.


Heavy duty grease combining molybdenum disulphide with extreme pressure additives.