Radicool Premix

Replaces Castrol Radicool

Premixed engine coolant (33%), for both petrol and diesel engines that  cools and protects for up to 4 years.


For a wide range of petrol and diesel engines

Features & Benefits

  • A complete fill, manufacturer approved, ethylene glycol premix coolant i.e., “ready-to-use – simply pour“. It is premixed to a 33% mass glycol concentration
  • Improved engine corrosion protection helping to resist the formation of rust while protecting alloy heads and engines
  • Improved protection against cavitation in water pumps and hot spots (e.g., behind exhaust ports) in aluminium cylinder heads
  • Excellent hot weather protection - helps prevent the risk of the engine coolant boiling, leading to coolant loss and possible engine damage and subsequent failure
  • Excellent cold weather protection - reduces the real risk of coolant freezing solid in the engine coolant system and severely damaging engines and/or radiators
  • Easy to use


  • ASTM D3306: ASTM D4985
Advanced Performance Series