Castrol MAGNATEC 5W-40


Up to 75% of engine wear happens while your engine warms up. When the engine stops oils drain off critical engine parts, however Castrol MAGNATEC’s intelligent molecules don’t. They cling to the engine like a magnet providing an extra layer of protection.

Castrol MAGNATEC’s unique formulation protects from the moment you start, dramatically reducing engine wear. Now with ultra-refined molecules, for protection you can see, hear and feel.


Castrol MAGNATEC 5W-40 is suitable for use in automotive gasoline and diesel engines where the manufacturer recommends an ACEA A3/B4, API SN/CF or earlier specification 5W-40 lubricant.


Castrol MAGNATEC’s Intelligent Molecules:

  • Cling to critical engine parts when the oil drains down
  • Cling to your engine forming an extra layer that protects during start up and beyond
  • Bond to metal surfaces to make engine parts more resistant to wear
  • Are combined with synthetic technology to provide increased protection in high and low temperature applications
  • Provide continuous protection for all driving conditions, styles and temperatures

Castrol Magnatec 5W-40 delivers superior performance under extreme cold start up conditions relative to thicker grades.


Castrol MAGNATEC 5W-40 meets and exceeds:

  • AACEA A3/B3, A3/B4

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