Castrol Edge returns to support Just Car Insurance Drag Battle

Ever since the very first Motive DVD GT-R Challenge in 2009, Castrol Edge has been on board as a major sponsor, and without them, the first event wouldn’t have kicked off. This year, as we can now announce, will be no different — Castrol Edge will be coming on board as sponsor of the Ultimate Street Car Challenge, which is one of our toughest challenges to take part in, and win. As well as supporting the production of the DVD, Castrol Edge is supplying $2000 worth of oil for prizes for each category, and $3000 worth of clothing and merchandise.
Not only do Castrol Edge support our Drag Battle and GT-R Challenge, they’ve been involved in most of Motive’s projects since our debut, and we run their high-performance oils in all of our project cars with exceptional results and confidence.

The Ultimate Street Car Challenge is a unique concept, in that, every car entered in this challenge must drive from their hometown to Cootamundra Airport, race the entire weekend, and drive home under its own power. No trailers, no towing, no nothing. It must be, the ultimate street car — no trailer queens allowed!