Let the good time's roll

The Rock 'n' Roll decade of the 50's saw the beginning of an economic boom that transformed Australia. Aussie-built Holden's and Ford's made motoring more accessible for many and Castrol Australia introduced the first affordable multi-grade oil - Castrol R20 semi-synthetic - for simpler maintenance. Meanwhile Castrol XL Medium Supergrade became our top seller with Castrol Australia offering over thirty different motoring oil and lubrication products.

Castrol also expanded into other areas of the economy launching Agricastrol for kerosene powered tractors, and a special sugar mill bearing oil developed by our Technical Head, Bill Freeman, in 1955. We also supplied heavy duty diesel oils, Magna bearing oils for industry, steam cylinder oils for a growing rail network; as well as metalworking oils, turbine oils, aviation and marine oils.

At the other end of the performance scale Castrol remained an active supporter of motorsport and the Australian Grand Prix. The 1950's also saw us supporting a remarkable feat of endurance as Ken Rivers rode the entire the Australia coast on 500cc AJS1953 motorbike - 19,000km using under thirty pounds (not dollars back then!) of fuel, and seven litres of Castrol motorbike oil.