Winning the peace

In the 1940's, Castrol lubricants played a crucial role in one of Australia's greatest challenges, enabling our Armed Forces run reliably through WW2. Castrol Australia signed up to a government-backed agreement to supply a fixed percentage of the oils and greases needed by the Australian Army, Air Force and Navy, then boosted production to meet the needs of the US and British forces stationed in Australia later in the war. 

The intense needs of wartime boosted production, research and innovation so when peace returned in late 1945, Castrol Australia was ready to help grow the Australian economy. Among other things, Castrol made high pressure lubricants for the massive 8000hp water turbines for the Waddamana hydro electric power plant in Tasmania, and supplied diesel engine oils for Mack commercial trucks and Thiess Brothers Earthmoving equipment used in clearing land in the "Food for Britain" appeal in QLD. 

And as the decade ended, we also expanded our range of motoring oils around the excitement of the first all Australian motor car the FJ Holden.