100 Years

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Castrol Australia was founded 100 years ago in the knowledge that oils ain't oils. As much as things have changed, a century on we're proud to be able to say that oils still ain't oils.

Improving the Aussie way of life decade by decade

Take a look back through the decades and see how we've helped shape Australia's future.

Celebrating 100 years of looking into the future

Castrol Australia has always thought decades ahead. When we started in July 1919, the Australia of 2019 would have been the stuff of science fiction. Much of the lifestyle we enjoy today would still be fantasy if not for the pioneering people and breakthroughs of yesterday. People with the 'can do' Aussie spirit that helped Castrol Australia grow from three staff and one room in Moore St, Sydney into one of Australia's leading innovators and employers.

We're proud to be a key player in improving every aspect of Australia's economy and way of life. As we celebrate 100 years of Castrol Australia, we salute the ideas and pioneering spirit of the generations before us - those who have helped secure a brighter future for the generations ahead.