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There is no such thing as standard motorcycle gear oil, and if your bike is shaft drive, you're going to need the protection of a limited slip gear oil.

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Bike Care

The world leader in total motorcycle care.

The new Castrol Motorcycle Ancillary Range is a series of premium lubricants and protective products for motorcycles and scooters.

In conjunction with Castrol 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine oils, this comprehensive range offers you total care and protection by covering all your bike care needs.

Foam Air Filter Oil

Foam Air Filter Oil

Castrol Foam Air Filter Oil is specially formulated for 'wet-type' foam air filters on 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, as well as oiled, air foam elements used in chainsaws, lawnmowers and edgers.

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Fork Oil 10W

Fork oil 10w

An advanced, mineral-based hydraulic oil for use in all on- and off-road motorcycles and quads with both inverted and conventional forks. Castrol Fork Oil is formulated to inhibit oxidation, corrosion and foaming over a wide range of temperatures and riding conditions.

DWF Multipurpose

DWF Multipurpose

Castrol DWF is a multipurpose de-watering fluid and penetrative lubricant. Spray onto motorcycle after washing to displace water, prevent rust and lubricate your entire bike. Castrol DWF may be used to displace water from flooded electrical systems and to loosen tight nuts and bolts during servicing.

This product may also be used to clean off deposits of oil and grease from engines and chains, leaving a thin, clear protective film. Always take care not to spray directly onto brake systems.