Spheerol BTX 2

Castrol Spheerol BTX 2 Grease (previously called BTX Grease) is a high performance grease developed for use in a wide range of mining and industrial applications.

Spheerol BTX Grease uses a unique combination of extreme pressure and antiwear agents, corrosion and oxidation
inhibitors in a lithium complex base.


Spheerol BTX Grease draws on field trial experience in a number of severely heavy duty applications includingmotorsport.

The formulation is engineered to provide outstanding protection of ball and rolling bearings in high speed and load applications. It is also suitable for general chassis greasing, ball joints, constant velocity joints and other sliding surfaces and plain bearing lubrication. It is also used in applications like Jack shafts, Bucket pins abd Vibrating shafts.

Continuous Operating Temperature Range: -35°C to 175°C
Intermittent Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to 200°C

Features / Benefits

  • Combines excellent extreme pressure and adhesion properties with high temperature stablility to outperform conventional unfortified greases
  • It has a very high drop point and is suitable for a wide range of operating temperatures.
  • Water resistant and contains a powerful corrosion inhibitor to protect lubricated machinery parts under wet conditions. The high performance characteristics of the grease allow it to be recommended for the most arduous conditions.
  • Engineered to maximise equipment durability in a diverse range of applications.