Cutter Bar and Chain Lube

Designed to provide optimum protection and lubrication of chainsaw bars and chains. It's balanced formulation contains a tackiness additive which minimises oil loss due to throw-off.


Castrol Cutter Bar and Chain Lube is a non-drip product for use in chainsaw bar/chain lubrication. Cutter bar and chain lube may also be used on a variety of chain applications that require an oil which will adhere to the chain surface.

Features & Benefits

Able to penetrate to the innermost links and pins providing optimum lubrication and protection. Excellent rust and corrosion protection under all operating conditions
  • Suitable for both manual application and automatic oiling systems.
  • Resists centrifugal throw-off under heavy cutting and high speeds.
  • Reduces wear and prevents abrasion resulting from sawdust, soil and grit.
  • Prevents gum formation on chains and guides.