Castrol Outboard 4T

Replaces Castrol Super Outboard Plus 4-Stroke

A SAE 15W-40, API SM/CF mineral based, high performance marine engine oil engineered exclusively for 4 Stroke engines, both petrol and diesel.


Recommended for most makes and models of popular inboard and outboard 4 Stroke engines.

Features & Benefits

  • The combination of specially selected base oils with the latest technology additives results in a superior product that is really miscible with fuel
  • Superb anti-wear properties to ensure excellent engine protection
  • Exceptional overall engine cleanliness and reduced spark plug fouling
  • Excellent corrosion and storage protection


  • Petrol: SM
  • Diesel: CF
  • ACEA Petrol A2
  • ACEA Diesel B2
  • SAE 10W-30