Castrol Outboard 2T

A self-mixing, fully tested and approved TC-W3™ standard two stroke outboard oil.


Recommended for all water cooled 2-stroke outboard motors using premixed fuel oil or for direct oil injection systems.

Features & Benefits

  • The combination of specially selected base oils with the latest technology additives results in a superior product that is readily miscible with fuel.
  • Superb anti-wear properties to ensure excellent engine protection.
  • Exceptional overall engine cleanliness and reduced spark plug fouling.
  • Excellent corrosion and storage protection.


Castrol Outboard 2T exceeds all the requirements of TC-W3™ and is qualified for use in water cooled two stroke outboard engines operating under all conditions, including severe applications.  By exceeding TC-W3™ specifications, Castrol Outboard 2T is recommended where the previous specifications of TC-2, TC-W and TC-WII® are nominated.