RX Mono DD40

A superior low ash heavy duty diesel engine oil specifically formulated to meet the latest Detroit Diesel two-cycle lubricant recommendations. 

Our prime recommendation for Detroit diesel two-cycle engines series 53, 71, 92 & 149 (for coolant outlet temperatures up to 94oC).  It is also recommended for other manufacturers engines where a monograde CF-2/CF/CD-II/CD/CC/SF lubricant is required.  Castrol RX Mono DD40 is also recommended for use in transmissions where SAE 40 monograde engine oil is specified.


  • Superior engine protection.
  • Reduced component wear.
  • Prolonged lubricant life.
  • Extended engine life.


  • API CF/CF-2/CD/CDII/CC Diesel, SF Petrol.
  • DDC 0.8% Sash 2 cycle.
  • Meets Detroit Diesel 2 stroke engine lubricant requirement as set out in publication 7SE 270.