Transmax Offroad

(Replaces TFC)

A range of transmission fluids specifically formulated to satisfy the requirements of Caterpillar TO-4.. Suitable for  Komatsu Micro Clutch transmission fluid requirements. For use in powershift or manual transmissions in many types of earthmoving equipment. 

Although the SAE 10W, 30 satisfy Allison C4 requirements, most modern Allison transmissions recommend Castrol Transynd or Dexron® type ATF’s, TES-389.


  • Transmax Offroad 30 prime recommendation for Cat. Powershift transmissions.
  • Transmax Offroad 50 recommended for Cat. Final drives requiring TO-4.
  • Multifunctional in that Transmax Offroad 50 is recommended for most heavy truck manual transmissions where either SAE 50 engine oil or GL-1, 2 or 3 (straight SAE90 is specified).
  • Transmax Offroad series also approved against ZF TE-ML 03, 04, 06, and 14 in the appropriate viscosity grade.
  • Suitable for Komatsu equipment.


Meets or exceeds the requirements of:  
  • Transmax Offroad 10: SAE 10W-20, 80W
  • Transmax Offroad 30: SAE 30, 85W
  • Transmax Offroad 50: SAE 50, 85W-90
  • Allison C4, SAE 10W, 30 only, off road
  • Caterpillar TO-4
  • API GL-1,2,& 3: CD
  • Eaton (Transmax Offroad 50)
  • ZF TE-ML 03 ( Transmax Offroad 10)
  1. Caterpillar do not approve the use of multigrade engine oils in their transmissions and drive trains.
  2. Satisfies the requirements of Allison C4, however, Allison no longer approve Caterpillar TO-4 type fluids.