Radicool NF


An antifreeze concentrate coolant formulated using hybrid technology for the modern performance engines of cars and trucks.

Castrol Radicool NF has been developed to meet the growing demand from engine and vehicle manufacturers for a higher performance coolant that minimises environmental impact. It provides excellent protection against corrosion, and because it contains no phosphate, the problems of deposits in some modern performance engines are eliminated.

This coolant should be used at concentrations of between 33 % and 50% dilution with purified water to give optimum corrosion protection and freezing protection between -18°C and -36 °C.


  • Protects for up to 5 years, 9000 hrs / 600,000 kms.
  • Excellent low temperature protection.
  • Provides excellent protection against corrosion.
  • Efficient lubrication of water pumps.
  • Compatible with conventional seal and hose materials used in engine cooling systems.
  • Contains bittering agent.
  • Has many OEM approvals.


  • D3306, D4985
  • BS6580:2010
  • JASO JIS K2234
  • Deutz TR 0119-99-1115
  • MAN 324 Typ NF
  • MB-Approval 325.0
  • MTU MTL 5048
  • VW TL-774C (G11)
  • BMW N 600 69.0
  • Opel/GM B 040 0240
  • Saab 6901599