ATF - Automatic Transmission Fluids

As automatic transmissions become more complex there’s a need for more technologically advanced fluids to ensure vehicle reliability. Getting the right oil for your car is key to ensuring your transmission operates as designed and you get a smooth driving experience every day.
Castrol, with over 100 years of experience in developing transmission fluids, and being the choice of many leading car and transmissions manufacturers for factory-fill products, offers a range of automatic transmission fluids for your car’s requirements. Providing you the peace of mind that you are selecting the right oil for your vehicle. 

Castrol Transmax Multivehicle

A premium, full synthetic automatic transmission fluid developed and recommended for use in most passenger, light commercial vehicles and SUVs. Primar...

Castrol Transmax TQ 95

An automatic transmission fluid specifically developed for BTR 4 speed, electronically controlled transmissions as used in many Ford Falcon and Fairla...

Castrol Transmax Z

High quality full synthetic automatic transmission fluid formulated to provide ultimate wear protection and performance except where Dexron® VI type fluids are specified.


Automatic transmission and power steering fluid for use in GM automatic transmissions pre 2005 and in many automatic transmissions where Dexron® (II or III) or Mercon performance is required.

Transmax Dexron® – Vi Mercon® Lv

Technologically advanced, low viscosity formulation specially designed to deliver and maximum fuel efficiency for modern automatic transmissions. 

Transmax A Cvt

Full synthetic continuous variable transmission fluid developed for Audi. 

Transmax Fe Multivehicle

A low viscosity, full synthetic automatic transmission fluid designed to provide improved fuel efficiency.

Transmax Dual

Full Synthetic transmission fluid developed for the latest Dual Clutch transmission technology.