The results are in, and Castrol MAGNATEC is the firm favorite of South African consumers in this year’s Product of the Year awards! Castrol MAGNATEC was voted as the favoured motor lubricant by South African consumers for 2018.

The Product of the Year awards - South Africa's largest independent consumer-voted programme - is hosted annually, and identifies innovation and excellence in the product and service industries. For the past ten years, South African brands have been competing for the Product of the Year status across nearly twenty categories. The categories range from mobile phones to personal and childcare, as well as, food and beverages to the household appliances.

The Product of the Year winners are chosen following a rigorous judging process where a representative sample of over 4000 households in South Africa are surveyed to understand which products are considered the best in each category.

“What makes Castrol MAGNATEC the best motor lubricant is that it protects your car’s engine during the critical warm-up stage, when up to 75% of engine wear occurs. Its intelligent molecules cling to critical parts when the oil drains down, forming an extra layer of protection during warm-up and beyond”, says Shane Solomon, Marketing Director of Castrol Africa.

Choose the right oil for your car. Castrol MAGNATEC