Corporate Social Responsibility

Castrol India Limited is part of the BP Group worldwide and is aligned to the BP Code of Conduct that gives us the guidance and support to conduct our business ethically and to comply with the law. These two things are vital to our success. 

We respect the communities we work with and want them to benefit from our presence. 

BP defines responsibility at three levels – legal compliance, being a progressive operator and evidencing leadership.
Both compliance and being a progressive operator lie in what we call our sphere of control and we call this ‘responsible operations’. It is here that we control the choices made and we are accountable for the outcomes. It is also through this that we are able to generate considerable benefits for society – taxes, salaries, dividends, capability development and a range of essential products.

At a further level, being responsible prompts us to play our part in helping to solve challenges that are directly relevant to our long-term business strategy. In line with our business strategy and growth, we recognise the need and importance to make a focused and inclusive contribution towards development, both social and economic.


Castrol has a presence in India for over a hundred years. Over the years, the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme has evolved from charitable giving to a strategic CSR programme which seeks to support the communities it operates in and its key stakeholders.  The CSR programmes are initiated by the Company aligns business risks and opportunities with the national agenda of development priorities to meet the needs and aspirations of the populace.
In alignment with our core skills and vision of engaging with our stakeholders to contribute to a safer and better quality of life, the Company’s CSR programme focus on the following four pillars
  • Ehtiyat: Collaborating for safer mobility (flagship pillar)
  • Eklavya: Strengthening skills in the automotive and industrial sectors, with focus on technology
  • Ekjut: Community development in areas of operation and presence
  • Ehsaas: Humanitarian aid


At Castrol, we are committed to Safety. Operating safely, responsibly and reliably is a key principle in Castrol’s Code of Conduct. Given that India accounts for the largest number of road accidents in the world, the Company has been focused on driving safety for all its key stakeholders and considers Ehtiayat as its flagship pillar.  The Company has initiated two key projects in this pillar:

Sarathi Mitra

Sarathi Mitra is a development program for truck drivers aimed at improving their on-road driving behaviour. 

India has one of the highest numbers of people dying because of road accidents many of which are the result of involvement of truck drivers. To address this issue, we launched a holistic development program – Sarathi Mitra for truck drivers that will enable with them defensive driving techniques and multiple interventions for betterment of their lives. 

We launched the pilot for Sarathi Mitra on January 26th, 2017. 

The pilot involved three interventions for the truck drivers – road safety trainings, financial literacy trainings and eye care checkups. A total of 1200 drivers benefitted from this pilot and 559 corrective glasses were distributed to the drivers. 

Going forward, we will launch this program pan India and continue to benefit the truck drivers on an on-going basis.

United for Road Safety – A project designed to equip college going youth with safe two wheeler driving techniques

The project aims to reach out to colleges in and around Mumbai through multiple short term and long term interventions for safe two wheeler riding.   

As part of this project we launched “TWO WHEELS ONE LIFE” – A campaign for promoting safe two wheeler riding.  Road safety kiosks were placed at 19 city colleges and the campaign engaged students through fun-filled educational activities  like customized snakes & ladders game on the theme of road safety, wearing drunken goggles to understand how alcohol impairs riding ability and attempting RTO Sample Test for learner’s license. Students also took a pledge on their commitment to Road Safety. 4855 youth from various colleges across Mumbai participated actively in this drive.

The youth created multiple videos on road safety and (Press Release wordings & Video)


Based on the popular Indian mythological legend, Eklavya aims to help independent two-wheeler mechanics, who have limited access to technical education, to enhance their skills and technical knowledge resulting in a better opportunity for livelihood. 

The last decade has witnessed rapid changes in vehicle technology. Eklavya recognizes the need to keep independent mechanics abreast of the fast-changing technology and changing customer demand patterns to stay relevant and improve their source of livelihood.  This training programme is designed in a format that continues to allow the mechanics to earn while building awareness and gaining an understanding of the new technology.

In 2016, Eklavya was implemented across 10 states reaching out to over 12,000 technicians. We went beyond technical skills training and conducted life skills workshops with 2,500 technicians. Going forward we will reach out to more technicians to help build their life skills.


The key focus for community development programmes undertaken around our plants is in the area of education, livelihood and health 

In the communities around our Plants at Silvassa, Patalganga and Paharpur, we continue to have multiple interventions for the betterment of women, children and youth. 

Education - In the current year we conducted in-depth aptitude test and provide career counselling to high school students. Guidance for competitive exams and scholarship opportunities were also provided.   2300 students were benefited under this programme. We also continued to support computer education in local school at Rakholi and providing financial support to the school run by the local Red Cross Society for differently abled children.

Livelihood - Provide electrical and automotive training to youth, digital embroidery, beauty therapy and bedside assistance training to women.

Health - Supporting the primary health care centre in Sayli village and c onduct sessions to build awareness about maternal health and malnutrition among women in child bearing age and young mothers


Sadly, India has experienced some significant natural disasters over the last many years. Castrol India Limited has reached out to affected communities in such times of need to provide necessary relief and rehabilitation. 

This year we provided support to more than 2000 drought affected families affected in Marathwada and more than 4000 flood affected families in Bihar and Assam


The Castrol India CSR Committee (CSR Committee) is mandated to guide the company’s social responsibility agenda, while providing strategic and executive oversight, as we uphold the tenets of the Code of Conduct to enable the country and its people to benefit from our presence.

All members of the CSR Committee will be Board Directors. A quorum for the meeting of the CSR Committee shall be minimum two members. The CSR Committee will meet at least twice a year.

The CSR Committee meetings will have participation by invitation, of relevant company personnel, as required.

The Castrol India Limited CSR Committee includes the following Directors currently on the Board of Directors of the company:
  1. R Gopalakrishnan - Chairman
  2. Sangeeta Talwar - Member
  3. Sashi Mukundan - Member
  4. Omer Dormen - Member
  5. Rashmi Joshi - Member
  6. Jayanta Chatterjee - Member
Role / Terms of Reference of the CSR Committee
  • Responsible for recommending, reviewing and overseeing the Castrol India CSR Policy and plan on an annual basis
  • Ensure that the CSR Policy and plan, and all recommendations thereof to the Board are in accordance with the applicable laws and rules
  • Ensure adequate monitoring mechanism and processes are in place to enable implementation of the CSR plan
  • Do all such other duties, assigned by the Board from time to time