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Castrol Liquid Engineers checking onboard consoles
Our Liquid Engineers offer expert, trusted advice that can help you to improve the performance and reliability of your vessels’ operations


In developing products that meet specific marine industry needs we have built up extensive knowledge about the challenges you face, from environmental legislation to maintaining operational efficiency. This equips us to offer technical and operational advice to help you make informed decisions about advances in lubricant technology and meeting regulatory requirements.


Lubricant technology is constantly advancing, our innovative solutions and expert guidance help you keep pace

Technical Adviser on Site

Getting the right lubricant solution can help you meet the need to consistently increase productivity and improve protection and gain a vital competitive edge. The combination of fast moving technical innovation and developing legislation can make it difficult to keep pace with the necessary state-of-the-art applications and processes required.

Castrol’s Liquid Engineers are at the forefront of technical advances in lubrication, which puts us in a great position to offer cutting-edge advice about the right lubricant technology to help you improve your processes, productivity and efficiency. What’s more, you can be sure that we take our environmental responsibilities as seriously as you do.

We make every effort to offer consistently cost-effective solutions while helping to improve efficiency and keep your fleet safe and secure wherever it’s headed. Every marine partnership is an opportunity for us to demonstrate how our people work seamlessly across our global network to help deliver solutions at the right place at the right time and on budget.

In addition to our global specialists you can also make use of Castrol’s local technology centers to provide a regional touch to our worldwide offerings.

Castrol support can help keep your ship safe, secure and productive around the clock

Onboard Operational Security

Smart decision-making is vital for operational success. At Castrol, we understand that your choice of equipment, solutions and industry partners can be the difference between unproductive downtime and a healthy ship operating at its peak.

Optimal operation is possible when a vessel is safe, secure and free from malfunction, emergency situations or missing spare parts. Our Liquid Engineers recognize their part in providing the products, solutions and industry training which can help maritime operations tackle challenges head-on in a safe and sustainable environment. By partnering with Castrol, you can improve uptime and help make every engine room inspection a success.

It's impossible to avoid risks, but our team of specialists knows what it takes to help to reduce them and free you to manage your team and deliver core activities.

Your world moves fast and we ensure that we keep pace with both technological advances and the legislative and regulatory demands which you and your ship face. We can help you keep up to date with our latest product information, legislation listings and training opportunities online. For more immediate support, you can call on the knowledge of our Castrol representatives.

Our marine experts can provide procurement individuals and teams with the information they need to get the right product for the right price, at the right time.

Lab Research for Sustainable Solutions

Buyers need the latest procurement information relating to price, availability and technical specifications. We are committed to providing the right information to help you make informed buying decisions, wherever and whenever you need to make them. With expertise built on over 100 years of experience, you can be sure of reliable, honest advice and guidance, whether it’s regarding the quality and reliability of our offerings or the security of our supply, including emergency contact and an assurance that our products comply with the law.

We understand the importance of meeting critical deadlines; miss them and the cost can be high in terms of downtime and in a real financial sense. When you partner with Castrol you can be secure in the knowledge that the goods and services we provide not only help you to reduce risk and improve compliance, they can help enhance your Health, Safety and Environmental offering. You also gain the peace of mind that comes with a partner who is on your side when it comes to improving your operations.