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Supply & Delivery

Important Information

Terms and Conditions

All supplies are subject to the seller’s terms and conditions of sale for marine lubricants as well as the terms set out below.


Notice Period

A full working day’s notice means one clear working day (excluding weekends and local or national holidays) between receipt of order by Castrol customer service team and the required delivery. Such notice to be confirmed by vessels’ agents locally. For example, for a delivery on a Thursday at a port requiring two working days’ notice, the order must be received on Monday to ensure delivery can be effected. Orders received later than the notice specified in the Directory will incur additional charges (if supply is possible).

We would appreciate the co-operation of ship owners and operators, vessel’s Chief Engineers and ship’s agents etc. in providing maximum possible notice.

Customers are asked to provide as much information as possible to their local Castrol Customer Service centres. This should include the following:

  • Expected date and time of arrival
  • Ship’s agent details
  • Grades and quantities required
  • Preferred method of delivery where more than one method is available i.e. bulk, pumped from drums, drums
  • For bulk please state details (diameter and thread measurement) of deck fittings for delivery hose when bulk deliveries are requested. It is the responsibility of the Ship’s Engineers to confirm that the delivery hose is connected to the correct deck fitting before pumping commences.

Methods of Delivery

Supplies of marine lubricants are made in accordance with the following definitions:

  • ‘Drum’ – Containing approximately 208 liters (180 kgs)
  • ‘Pumped from Drums’ – of approximately 208 liters (180 kgs)
  • ‘Bulk’ – from road tank wagon or lubricating oil bunker barge

Bulk Supply

Product availability in bulk (truck or barge) is now shown against individual countries within the Directory.

It may be possible to supply products other than those shown. These are subject to enquiry and may require more days notice than that stipulated in the Directory.


Delivery Receipt Notes

It is important for the customer or their representative to sign the Delivery Receipt Note (DRN), not only to confirm receipt of goods but also to confirm the next port of call. By confirming where the vessel is going next, we effectively determine whether tax is due or not.

The signature is important evidence for most Tax authorities and drives our ability to correctly NOT charge VAT and Duty on such witnessed export sales. Without such evidence we have to default to charging the VAT and any Duty as we will be liable to the authorities for these payments.

Any delivery of Castrol lubricants that has not had the appropriate tax declaration(s) made and signed will be invoiced as tax payable (including deliveries sent to forwarding agents).

Retrospective endorsement is not permitted and consequent claim for VAT recovery would be a matter for the customer to progress direct with the local authority.


Important Information

Contact Details - The contact details of our customer service teams for each country are available in this Directory. Please use these contacts for all enquiries regarding orders and supplies. Please do not contact the office in the country where the supply is required but the customer service centre where your offices are based or where you usually place orders. For example if you are a customer based in Germany and wish to place an order for or have a query regarding supply in Japan you should always contact the German customer service team rather than Japan, the country of supply. Out of hours contact information is for emergencies only.

Working Days - the normal working days in a country are shown in the country header information.

Time zone - The time zone of a country is shown relative to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). If the supply co-ordination contact is in a different time zone from the country for which it is responsible then this is also shown.

The minimum bulk supply volumes are per product unless otherwise specified.

The minimum drums supply and pumped from drums supply are for the total drum delivery.

Where bulk supply is indicated for road truck wagon or lubricating oil bunker barge berthing restriction may apply.

Barge charges and launch or lighter charges incurred are chargeable to customers’ accounts.

Where we are aware of delivery restrictions or of local or national restrictions which may affect supply to vessels these are shown in the relevant notes section.

For the following products: Enduron MT 10W/40, Transmax Dex III Multivehicle, Spheerol AP3, Axle GL5 80W/90 and Tection Global 15W/40 locally branded products may be supplied in lieu.

All details are correct at the time of going to press but are subject to change.

It is always recommended that any vessel using product outside of the Core Product Range and rarely visiting ports with ‘Main’ or ‘Full’ product availability should ensure that adequate stocks of such products are always carried on board.

In addition, customers should ensure that orders are placed for such products when ports known to hold such products are visited. Your local customer service contacts and account managers will be happy to discuss your specific requirements to optimize your lubricants uplift profile.

Every effort is made to maintain adequate inventory levels to achieve satisfactory servicing of our customers’ needs in line with the above product hierarchy. However, unforeseen circumstances can result in certain grades not being available on certain occasions and we are unable to guarantee that product availability will be as set out in this Directory. Under these circumstances our Customer Service and Technical teams will try to identify suitable alternative products or supply solutions to help ensure that the operation of the vessel is in no way compromised.