Castrol Agri Trans Plus 80W

Universal transmission fluid

For use in hydraulic, transmission and PTO systems. Formulated with enhanced corrosion protection properties. Gives highest levels of wear prevention from start-up and throughout the operative period.

Features and Benefits

  • One oil reduces inventory, saves money
  • One oil simplifies servicing, avoids misapplication
  • Longer component life reduces downtime and maintenance costs
  • Maintains operating temperature and smoother gear changing

Specifications and Performance

  • SAE 80W
  • Meets SAE 10W-30
  • API GL-4
  • Massey Ferguson CMS M1145
  • JDM J-20C
  • Meets Ford M2C134-D
  • JDM J-20C
  • Meets Ford M2C134-D
  • Case MS1207
  • ZF TE-ML 03E, 05F, 17E
Castrol certifies that Castrol Agri Trans Plus can be used in agricultural equipment where lubricants meeting Case MS1209, MAT 3505 and MAT 3525 specifications are required.
Please note Castrol Agri Trans Plus should not be used for top-up and should not be mixed with genuine fluids meeting the CASE MS1209 and MAT 3505 specifications. In such instances the oil should be completely replaced.