Product Range

Severe driving conditions such as heavy traffic, poor fuel quality, harsh weather conditions and exceeding oil change intervals can all cause the build-up of a thick, tar-like substance called sludge. If untreated, it can rob an engine of power and, ultimately, its life.

This oil is specially engineered to prevent the harmful build-up of sludge, reduce oil deposits and provide daily protection for your engine.

To get more miles from your engine ask for the right oil from the successful Castrol GTX range. Your best miles are ahead with Castrol GTX.


Castrol GTX ULTRACLEAN’s synthetic technology has superior performance. Its unique Double Action formula cleans away old sludge, and protects against new sludge formation, giving you more control over today´s challenging conditions.

Castrol GTX 20W-50

Castrol GTX 20W-50 is a unique formulation specifically engineered to meet the changing needs of your high mileage vehicle. As your engine ages, oil burns off faster. Over time, this can cause increased engine wear, shortening the life of your engine.

Castrol GTX 25W-50

Help extend the life of your engine with Castrol GTX. It's more than just oil. It’s liquid engineering that Provides superior protection against engine sludge.

Castrol GTX Diesel 15W-40

Castrol GTX Diesel is engineered to clean away and protect against harmful diesel engine deposits.