Castrol Top Products

Solutions to help you stay ahead in a fluid market

Products developed by Castrol’s Liquid Engineers are designed to help improve your productivity and profitability. Extensive OEM approvals and customer case studies validate the first class performance and demonstrable business benefits of our solutions. 

You can be sure of the expert technical support and advice offered by our technical specialists to help you get the most from our products and safeguard your operational efficiency, Health, Safety and Environmental profile and reputation.  Whatever your lubrication challenges, you can rely on Castrol to help you meet your current and future needs.

Metalworking Fluids

Castrol’s metalworking fluids are designed to suit a wide range of applications and metals. Many are formulated for long-life to help lower maintenance costs and boost productivity.


For high quality finish and cleanliness of metalworked parts before shipping or assembly, stable formulations help lower costs, boost productivity and contribute to a clean, safe workshop. 

Corrosion Preventives

Our corrosion preventives offer excellent corrosion protection to all grades of uncoated and coated steel, particularly suitable for electro galvanized surfaces.

Forming Oils

Our forming fluid range includes neat and soluble rolling oils and innovative synthetic fluid technology that can help enhance overall strip quality and consistency.

Gear Oils

Both mineral and synthetic gear oils which meet industry and OEM specifications for a range of load carrying capacities, including specialist water tolerant and corrosion protective options.


Our multi-purpose, durable greases operate under extreme conditions and help extend equipment life with little need for reapplication, and are tested to industry and OEM specifications. 

Chain Oils

Multi-service chain lubricants for use across a range of industries. Offering long life with high temperature tolerance, they suit severe environments where equipment is prone to wear.

Hydraulic Oils

Including conventional, fire resistant and biodegradable hydraulic oils, our reliable hydraulic oils meet industry specifications for a wide range of industries and applications.

Slideway Oils

Offering improved stick-slip resistance and metalworking fluid separation for enhanced lubrication of gibs, ball screws and bearings, the range is tested against industry and OEM specifications. 

Compressor Oils

With advanced lubricity to help reduce the risk of fire and explosion in gas compressors, our Compressor Oils range meet industry standards and OEMs for normal to severe duty compressors.

Specialty Products

Castrol offers world-class products for a variety of applications, operations and industries where extreme environments are encountered or extreme performance is required. 

Engine Oils

With advanced additive technology, our engine oils are proven in trials to exceed the performance needs of the most adverse operating conditions, including low oil consumption engines. 

Turbine Oils

For use in gas and steam turbines, the range combines high oxidation stability and high temperature resistance, and offers enhanced wear protection to reduce downtime and increase turbine output.

Subsea Control Fluids

Our subsea control fluids are developed to mitigate risks from contamination, high operational temperatures and pressures, ensuring that they won’t break down under extreme system conditions. 

Other Products

Castrol is more than just oil. Discover more about our innovative oils, greases and other products and how they can help you meet your lubrication challenges.