Why Responsible is right for the Business

Castrol Responsible and Castrol Performance Biolubes products make up our Responsible line. They are an ideal choice for businesses looking to improve workplace environment, benefit the wider community, and combine performance improvements with cost savings. 


When health and safety is maintained, worker satisfaction and productivity increase.

That’s why we have developed Castrol Responsible and Castrol Performance Biolubes products to be completely free from chlorine, boron, formaldehyde, zinc, heavy metal and secondary amines.  As Castrol Performance Biolubes neat oils have high flashpoints air quality can be dramatically improved and the risk of fire and smoke reduced significantly.


Every business has a duty to be a good steward to the community it operates in. We have developed Responsible products to help you send a positive message about your commitment to corporate and social responsibility, enabling you to attract and retain top employees.


Pressure to reduce environmental impact comes from customers, business partners, governments and the general public.

Responsible products can help you address environmental concerns while you meet compliance targets and your financial goals. By switching to Responsible products you will be using sustainably sourced base oils, reducing emissions, fluid usage and waste.