Unlike petroleum-based lubricants, Castrol’s bio-based Performance Biolubes products deliver superior lubricity without the need for additives like chlorine and sulfur. Their added lubricity lowers friction, which reduces cutting forces and generates less heat in the metal cutting process. By reducing wear on cutting tools and grinding wheels, Performance Biolubes can extend tool life.

Bio-based oils also have a much higher flash point than petroleum reducing smoke generated while cutting metal to enable higher feed rates and a cleaner and visibly clearer work environment.

Petroleum-based products don’t have the polar attraction to metal that bio-based lubricants have. The polarity of bio-based lubricants provides metal affinity and more thin film protection at the interface of the cutting tool and the workpiece.

Performance Biolubes sustainable biolubricants give you a cleaner, more productive workplace which can help you increase productivity and reduce waste costs.