Our specialist solutions are used to support engine & transmission manufacturers and help to improve surface quality, tolerance and cleanliness levels for more efficient operations across production.

Castrol knows that the industry demand has increased and that you need high-quality solutions that improve surface quality, tolerance and cleanliness levels, whilst in parallel, meet operational pressures of cost management and improved efficiency and meet environmental targets, such as CO2 emission reduction. 

We want to play our part in keeping your production operation a success, our Liquid Engineers design and deliver products and services intended to improve productivity and meet the standards you set and the demands of HSE regulations. 

Castrol has focused on automotive manufacturing solutions, resulting in a wide range of metalworking fluids covering the full automotive manufacturing process chain including cutting and grinding as well as forming, cleaning, heat treatment and corrosion protection.

Castrol provides lubricants for various applications within the automotive environment that helps the increase productivity through product technology and services. These lubricants help run the machine tools as well as other equipment at peak condition.

Our specialists work hard to help you stay competitive as the industry develops.