Trusted Advice

Our Liquid Engineers are on hand with trusted advice that can help you improve the performance and reliability of your Aerospace operations

Having developed products and services to meet the specific needs of the Aerospace industry, we have a thorough understanding of the challenges you face: from delays, downtime and budget constraints to simply keeping up with the technological improvement of lubricant-consuming processes.

We use this knowledge to offer procurement, technical and operational advice and help in areas like testing and risk assessment. Our solutions can help you make informed buying decisions now and in the future, keep production processes running smoothly and even improve performance in a reduced-risk environment.

Our experience developing products for extreme environments and applications equips us to offer support on high-performance, high-temperature and high-viscosity lubricants.


Castrol’s Liquid Engineers develop innovative lubrication solutions that can make a real difference to the Aerospace industry.

Lubricant technology can play a vital role in helping you maintain a competitive edge in the Aerospace industry. 

Keeping pace with technical innovations and legislation can make it difficult to always have state-of-the-art applications and processes in place. We know it can be hard to keep performance levels high in the face of technical challenges, tight project timescales and heavy project and production workloads. Our Liquid Engineers can help by providing tailored solutions to meet specific needs.

Together with our parent company BP we remain committed to the development of the aerospace sector and the improvement of lubrication, production techniques and safety. Our Liquid Engineers understand the challenges you face and offer specific technical advice when and where you need it.

Our experienced experts can provide advice and guidance to keep your operations running smoothly. We can advise you on the most applicable products to suit your specific needs and ensure they’re supplied on time, within budget and in a sustainable manner.

Through our world-class facilities in Castrol’s 13 local technology centers around the world, we can support you when it comes to best use and risk-assessment to overcome challenges such as downtime and supply disruptions.


You need to keep costs under control while striving to reduce downtime and increase productivity, Castrol’s Liquid Engineers can help you tackle the challenges you face by offering advanced lubricant solutions.

Combining considered decision-making with expert solutions delivers the best results for the Aerospace industry.  Our Liquid Engineers have considerable experience of working in the industry and recognize the barriers to the efficiency of your operations. We know the impact that bottlenecks in the production process can have on operations, and how costly and potentially damaging these can be.
That is why we offer high-performance lubrication products, solutions, services and industry training to help keep your production processes running smoothly. By helping you find the most suitable products to meet your needs and budget, we can help you keep a tight rein on cost, while maintaining performance in a safe, compliant working environment. 

Dedicated technical and field-based teams can help bring production excellence to your operations. We continually look to improve our expertise and knowledge, developing complete solutions to a range of customer needs and requirements.

Our advice is trusted by some of the biggest companies in the world, and working closely with you we can help you to achieve greater uptime and business confidence in your operations. 

We can also keep you up to date with the latest product information, legislation listings and training opportunities online.


Expert advice to help you make informed decisions and get the best solution for your business at a fair price

Everyone deserves good products that offer good value. There can be enormous pressure to meet key performance indicators (KPIs) and deliver within budget and on deadline. This is why we invest in understanding our customers’ needs and create value for them through our products and offers. 

Our Liquid Engineers appreciate the crucial role that procurement plays in the Aerospace industry. Delays and downtime can have a devastating impact on budgets and operational efficiency. We assist you in matching high-quality metal working fluids and lubricants to meet your specific needs, all sourced within your timelines and budget. 

From attentive account management and fair value on product versus price, to reliable quality and the successful implementation of new processes and compliance assurances, our Liquid Engineers are on hand to help you. We provide supporting information via in case studies and white papers, to help you make the right buying decisions wherever you are in the world, whenever you need to make them.