Premium Heavy Duty

(Replaces LMX Grease)

Designed for plain and roller bearing applications operating at temperatures beyond the limits of conventional Lithium greases.
The excellent stability, load carrying and high temperature performance of Castrol Premium Heavy Duty make it particularly suitable for use in wheel bearings of vehicles operating at high speeds over long distances, or where prolonged heavy braking is likely to give higher than normal hub temperatures.
Premium Heavy Duty is Castrol’s primary recommendation for vehicles operating with disc brakes. It is also recommended for general purpose greasing on a wide range of industrial plant, particularly if operating under conditions of high load and temperature.


Remove old grease from the bearing or cavity before a new product is applied.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent thermal stability and wide temperature range.
  • Reduced oil separation and resistance to hardening under pressure.
  • High load carry capacity.
  • Good water resistance.
  • Excellent EP and anti-wear properties – protects equipment against extreme loading and assists in minimizing bearing component wear.
  • An optimized combination of Lithium thickener, highly refined base oil and specially selected base oil offers excellent all-round operating performance.


  • Lithium Complex
  • Blue, Buttery and Adhesive
  • NLGI 2
  • Dropping Point, Minimum 250°C