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Castrol Toyota Formula Regional Oceania Championship

The Castrol Toyota Formula Regional Oceania Championship (formerly known as the Castrol Toyota Racing Series) is New Zealand’s – and arguably the regions - most important single seater championship. 

Fast and seriously competitive, in recent years the category has attracted some of the biggest names in Global and New Zealand motorsport including Lando Norris, Lance Stroll, Brendon Hartley, Shane Van Gisbergen, and Castrol’s very own Thomas Randle.

The cars are quick. The engine in the current generation Toyota FT-60 packs a powerful 270 horsepower (200 kW), launching the car from 0-100kph in only 3.1 seconds. An engine this unique requires an engine oil that can deliver the ultimate in performance, and since the Toyota FT-60 was introduced to the category, the Toyota has relied on Castrol EDGE 10W-60 in every vehicle to unlock the very edge of performance

But the cars are not just fast, they’re safe too. Featuring all of the recent key safety initiatives developed by the FIA in conjunction with Formula 1, the FT-60 design incorporates a ‘halo’ driver protection system to protect the driver from side, top and frontal impact from debris, and also features the very latest in side and front impact technology in the chassis itself. Twin wheel tethers are included in the design to prevent wheels flying off in the event of a crash, another feature straight out of Formula 1. The car has undergone 36 controlled crash tests in the laboratory to ensure it meets the highest standards of safety in the sport today.  


Recently awarded Formula Regional status for New Zealand’s Formula 3 category by the FIA, it provides a unique opportunity for drivers intent on attaining a Formula 1 Super Licence. It is for this reason many consider it the perfect breeding ground for the next generation of racing superstars.

Designed to develop and nurture the next generation of world class drivers, Castrol Toyota Formula Regional Oceania Championship has been proudly supported by Castrol for over half a decade. Sanctioned by the FIA, motorsport’s world governing body, it is a truly world class motorsport championship.