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Castrol and Mighty Car Mods (MCM) have officially been working together since 2013 and in the years since have continued to push the limits of what you can - or probably should - do with car... 


Hosted by Marty and Moog, Mighty Car Mods is Australia #1 independent automotive show focusing on DIY car modifications and car-enthusiast culture. 

Based out of Sydney, MCM first started filming videos in Martys mum's driveway and since uploading their first episode on 7th January 2008 to YouTube, the duo have built a following of nearly 3 million followers.

While Marty's earliest Castrol memory may be being one of the first people to rush out and buy Castrol MAGNATEC when it launched in the 90's, today all MCM cars run on Castrol EDGE engine oil with Fluid TITANIUM (including Moog's celebrity crush - 2WISTD).


While chasing exhilaration and pushing the limits to Live On The Edge is about what happens behind the wheel for most, for MCM its as simple as "buying cars off the internet without inspecting them and hoping they actually run when we trailer them home!".

I once changed the oil in my 180SX and put the wrong filter on...they had to close a couple of bus lanes down in the city as there was Castrol all over the road!

Moog, Mighty Car Mods

Currently operating from a small shed in the suburbs, Marty and Moog are happy having fun whatever it might involve it as film-makers, YouTube creators, nugget car racers, or now restaurateurs (owning their own restaurant and cocktail bar called WishBone in Sydney).

Even after 10 years later, the goal for Mighty Car Mods remains the same as when they first started - keep modifying cars, travel the world to meet other interesting people, and inspire as many people as possible to get their hands dirty and have a go.



Long before Might Car Mods, Moog use to sell eggs and make fairy floss...with a Classic Mini as his first ride. Today, he enjoys smoking olives (in an oven, not a pipe) and the dream car is a Classic Mini (VTEC).

The B16B Mini/RB26 powered 240Z are among his favoruite car builds to date.


Before the days of Mighty Car Mods, Marty use to be sell iMacs "before they were cool", and his first car was a Gemini. Today, he enjoys building a garage and his dream car is a throwback Gemini (Turbo).

Supergramps the 11 second wagon is his favoruite car build that he's ever worked on.