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Our story

Motion is fundamental to making modern life work, as is the technology that underpins it – from the engines in our vehicles to the machines on factory floors.

A sense of purpose

The big trends that are driving change across the world, such as digitisation and urbanisation, are only accelerating and increasing our reliance on ever more sophisticated and advanced technology solutions. As this change takes place, consumers and businesses are demanding a more sustainable approach – to the products they buy and the vehicles they use. Concerns over climate change, air quality and scarcity of resources are creating an urgent need to act more sustainably.


Ensuring we can depend on the performance and reliance of technology as it changes, as well as using that technology to meet customer needs in a sustainable way, requires a partner who can be trusted for today’s reality and tomorrow’s opportunity. At Castrol, our experts build relationships with our customers across the world by leveraging a track record of innovation to help find solutions to their challenges. Utilizing the resources of BP and working alongside a network of trusted partners, we are accelerating the transition to lower carbon.


Castrol was founded with sense of purpose. After more than 120 years our heritage of pioneering and delivering innovation which anticipates and meets customers’ needs still shapes the way we do business today. We take the time to understand the challenges our customers are facing and partner to achieve better solutions.

Our pioneering approach is no different when it comes to driving sustainability and the transition to lower carbon whether that’s improving our products to help reduce emissions and improve efficiency and reliability for the fast developing technologies found in electric and hybrid vehicles through to wind turbines or robots on production lines.


The pace of change is accelerating which is why we are continually changing the way we do business. Because we pride ourselves on best in class knowledge and expertise, we know we can evolve and improve. We are transforming our digital capabilities so we maintain sector-leading knowledge and expertise to help our customers and partners achieve better solutions.


As we evolve, we know that we won’t have all the answers. Building on Castrol’s spirit of invention and creative collaboration, we continue to work with partners to deepen our expertise and offers even further, helping our customers to be ready for tomorrow’s opportunity.


We strive to be the liquid engineering and technology partner for today’s reality and tomorrow’s opportunity, creating innovative solutions for a world in motion.