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Our liquid engineering is helping industries across the whole world to increase their productivity and reliability.

The same commitment to technological innovation we have in outer space goes into how we work with our industry partners here on Earth. Castrol lubricants have been specifically designed to perform on land, at sea and in air under extreme conditions.


Our lubricants can be found in some of the largest diesel engines on earth, those as big as houses that power cargo ships across the ocean. From the world’s biggest ships to the world’s smartest cars, where we create e-fluids which are used by a number of electric vehicle manufacturers. We are also playing our part in the steel industry, helping keep the rollers which transport molten steel lubricated, even at temperatures up to a staggering 800°C.


Find out more about how, whether on land, at sea or in the air, Castrol can be at the heart of of the technology which drives your business.


When it comes to automotive production, our lubricants are used across a range of vital applications. From the engine itself through to door locks and even the seat systems, Castrol can help make make every journey happen.


And we’re part of that journey from the very beginning, lubricating robotic arms on the production line, helping them to make precise movements many millions of times over and create hundreds of thousands of cars every year. But it’s not just on earth where we play a role, we also lubricate robotic arms on machinery in Outer Space, aiding vehicles to discover more about the planets they are exploring.  

This experience of an environment of many different variables is put to good use by us in the mining industry, where a lubricant is required that can deal with heat, water, chemicals and load.


Clean energy is more important than ever and can now be generated in great quantity. An average wind turbine produces in excess of 6 million kWh every year and according to a market study published by Kline in 2019, Castrol can be found in 30% of the world’s wind turbines.


To aid work in the darkest depths the ocean, Castrol lubricates valves through umbicals that start at the oceans surface and go down to the seabed. They can be up to 125km long, which in other words mean they would be able to stretch all the way from London to Birmingham.


Our Castrol subsea control fluids perform reliably up to 3000m below sea level, at extreme pressures that could crush a car (1500 bar), and in  temperatures as low as -60 c. Additionally they will keep working in equipment that remains on the ocean floor for up forty years.

Our lubricants are in vessels that create enough propulsion to tackle 25ft high waves, in engines where they’re exposed to similar combustion conditions as could be seen in a rocket combustion chamber.


Castrol’s BioRange is helping the Sir David Attenborough research vessel meet environmental legislation and minimise impact to the marine environment. With a range of 22,000 miles and capacity for 60 research scientists onboard it is one of the most sophisticated floating laboratories ever built. It’s mission to conduct climate change research amongst the ice-caps of the Antarctic will be vital to the future of the entire planet.

At Castrol we help the aerospace industry take to the skies. Our range of solutions have been specifically developed to meet the needs of their numerous and rigorous manufacturing and assembly processes.
We have been part of record-breaking moments in the sky for over a century, ever since the Wright Brother’s first flight all the way back in 1903. Castrol was also the first to successfully lubricate a jet engine, the first to develop a corrosion inhibited jet turbine oil, and the first to lubricate a cabin supercharger.
What’s more, Castrol’s synthetic turbine oil provided lubrication for the world’s first supersonic land vehicle, the ThrustSSC. Our proven ability to deliver high performance in critical environments even saw the top-secret SR-71 Blackbird, a plane designed to fly at over 2000 mph at altitudes of 85,000 ft, using Brayco® hydraulic fluids.   

together we can make it happen


Castrol has been collaborating with industrial businesses since 1899. From the cars on the roads to the planes in the skies, from the vital materials we need, to the everyday objects we rely on each day. Even the energy that powers our homes and offices, there is hardly a single component of modern life that we are not part of behind the scenes. Together we can help make your business even stronger.



Castrol provides lubricant and technical services at sea . We understandthat   operational improvements can make a significant difference to the profitability of your vessel or asset. Each improvement can add up to make significant gains for those at sea, we call this Castrol SmartGains. 

Castrol SmartGains