CRB Mini-Truck 15W-40 CH-4


Castrol CRB Mini-Truck 15W-40 with Heatshield™ Boosters, is engineered specifically to fight heat in your mini-truck engine.

Mini-Trucks are unique and different to big truck, subjected to special driving conditions. In fact, in a typical working day a Mini-Truck can run 14°C hotter* than a big truck.

Castrol CRB Mini-Truck 15W-40 delivers:

  • 3 times better heat protection *
  • Exceptional protection from heat deposits
  • Helps maintain low oil consumption


* based on field trial data Nissan UD vs ISUZU NHR

** In Industry oxidation testing CRB Mini-Truck lasted three times longer than a conventional API CF-4 oil 15W-40